A virtual balloon race for The Henry Allen Trust

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About The Henry Allen Trust

Henry will be forever four. Having been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma at the age of two, Henry’s battle with cancer was painful – but through it all – Henry’s bravery and happy loving personality shone through.

Henry was determined to make the world better for everyone he came into contact with and, before he left them, he made his parents promise to look after families like theirs.

This is how The Henry Allen Trust began, and this is why supporters of the trust are so dedicated today. We're still working to fulfil Henry’s wish – helping families who need to find smiles when they’re in pain.

When a family is facing childhood cancer, you don’t have to do it alone. The Henry Allen Trust are here to support you!

We provide more than just help and support with Team Henry, you’ll find happiness.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, life can become all about appointments and medical necessities. Team Henry are here to make sure you and your family doesn’t miss out on the fun you need.

We can’t promise to take all of your worries away, but what we can do is promise to share them – and to help you create moments of happiness and magical smiles together.

When your family needs hope, you’ll find it with Team Henry and The Henry Allen Trust.

What we're good at

Our aim is to support children and families who are facing the reality of childhood cancer, providing guidance, information and opportunities for fun.

We're there for the whole family – providing support and well-being counselling, financial assistance, treats and wishes, days out, THAT support, care packs, arts and crafts and the joy of a wet nose when our pet therapy dog Dolly visits.

Team Henry are there for you in hospital – providing entertainment and crafting opportunities, care packs, character visits; as well as respite opportunities, staff support, process improvements and a partnership with the CLIC Sargent Social workers and home from homes.

Our Aim

Team Henry have chosen to do the virtual balloon race to try and raise awareness of childhood cancers and Henry’s Angel Anniversary.

Our goal is to launch 11,000 balloons to raise £44,000 which will fund our treats and wishes programme for a year, enabling us to spread some Henry’s Happiness to families battling childhood cancer.

Due to the pandemic all our events have been cancelled and fundraising difficult. We are struggling to continue to help and support families battling childhood cancers and thought a virtual balloon race with incredible prizes would help continue Henry’s Wish and mark Henry’s 7th Angel Anniversary.